Leather and Waxed Canvas Goods for Men and Women

About Lolafalk

Learn all about Lolafalk Leather Goods and its founder and designer.

Call me Lauren or Lola - whichever you prefer, either name works!  I'm the owner and designer behind the leather and waxed canvas goods company Lolafalk.

Self-taught in my craft, I make all items in my Brooklyn-based studio, infusing a knack for blending unusual color combinations into my designs. Though initially focused only on bags, wallets, and accessories for women, the Lolafalk line has expanded to include a men's collection, filling a gap in men's leather and waxed canvas goods that goes beyond the basic colors of black, brown, and grey.

Both lines include Custom Color Options - allowing you the customer to select your own color choice on any product in the line.   And I'm more than happy to include monogramming on any item for a small extra fee - just select this option on any items listed in the online shop.

I also enjoy working on custom design projects - if you've got something specific in mind in the realm of leather or waxed canvas, send me an email and let's chat.

This business is both my bread and butter and labor of love. I've been hammering away at it for 8+ years and still wake up every day excited to get to work. I spent too many years before this in a career that dragged me down, and never lose sight of how lucky I am to do something so amazing for a living. Thank YOU for helping to make that happen!