Leather and Waxed Canvas Goods for Men and Women


When will my item ship?

All ready-to-ship (non custom) orders ship within 7 business days after the order is placed.   If you've added a monogram to your item, it will still fall within the 7 business day shipping window.

Custom color wallets ship 2 weeks after the order is placed.

Custom color bags ship 3 weeks after the order is placed. 

If you need your item faster, feel free to reach out and ask.  Depending on my workload in a given week, I may be able to work on your item and get it shipped out sooner.  No promises, but it never hurts to ask!

For shipping policies and info, click here.

How do I care for my leather goods?

All leather bags and wallets come with a "care tips" card for handy reference.  Here are some best practices for keeping your leather goods in tip-top shape for years to come:

- All leathers on Lolafalk bags and wallets have a light protective glaze or coating on them - therefore, use of commercial leather cleaners is NOT advised (and may result in a change to the color or finish of the leather - which I cannot repair, refund or offer an exchange for, so please don't use these methods).  If you bag or wallet gets dirty, clean it simply by wiping it with a soft, slightly damp (not wet) cloth).

- Ink marks, grease and oil stains on leather are typically not removable; your best bet in this circumstance is to take it to a professional leather cleaner (as soon as possible) to see if they might be able to remove the stain.

- Your Lolafalk leather bag is durable enough for everyday use.  However, if the weather forecast calls for heavy rain, consider using a non-leather bag for that day.  A little bit of dampness from a light rain won't hurt, but extreme moisture is the enemy of most leathers, and you'll want to avoid any circumstance where the bag could get drenched with water.

- If storing your leather bag away for the season, slip it in a dust bag cover or use a natural fiber, soft pillow cover (never a plastic bag).  To help maintain its shape, stuff it with soft-knit items (scarves, gloves, etc), making sure to not overstuff the bag.

How do I care for my waxed canvas goods?

All waxed canvas bags come with a "care tips" card for handy reference.   Here are some best practices for keeping your waxed canvas goods in spiffy shape for years to come:

- Do not dry clean, machine wash, or machine dry waxed canvas.  Use cold tap water to gently surface clean the bag either by hand, or with a sponge or scrub brush.  Mild soap flakes may be used if needed.  Do not use detergent, as it will break down the wax.

- With time and use, the wax may thin and lose water resistance.  To restore waxed canvas, simply hand apply an approved product like Otter Wax (my favorite!), or Martexin Wax.  Then apply heat (a hair dryer works in a pinch if you don't have a proper heat gun); the heat allows the wax to impregnate the canvas, and the water resistance will return yet again. 

I have an idea for a leather or waxed canvas product that you don't sell in your shop.  Can you make it for me?

I welcome hearing any custom design project ideas, so feel free to send them my way!  Please bear a few things in mind before contacting me:

- I will not replicate another designer's work, or re-make a specific design you've seen elsewhere.  All custom work I do must be an original collaboration between us.  

- Custom design work will be priced accordingly, which is to say it is likely going to be more expensive than any similar items you see in my line.  Please note that custom work involves far more time, resources and labor for me as a designer - but ultimately that additional expense will get you that perfect "can't find it anywhere else" custom piece.  

- If I decline your custom design request, please don't take it personally - I have your best interest in mind and won't take on any project that I know I can't complete 100% to perfection.

- All custom design work requires full payment upfront (no partial payments).

- Not all custom design work has to be a big project - we can customize any of the products in my line (adding a coin pocket to a men's wallet, change a bag closure from magnetic snap to zipper, etc).  I have image examples of some of these simpler requests; if you'd like to see more feel free to contact me here.

Do you wholesale Lolafalk bags and wallets?

I do wholesale on a very selective basis, typically with small independent boutiques, and only for the leather goods (not waxed canvas).  If you are a retailer interested in carrying some of my leather goods line, feel free to contact me here.  Please note I do not work on a consignment basis.

What is your return/exchange policy?

You can find my return and exchange policies by clicking here